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10 Interesting Facts About Sao Jorge Castle

Castelo de São Jorge, or St George's Castle, is an architectural wonder in Lisbon. It sits on top of the city's highest hill, providing incredible views of Lisbon and the beautiful Tagus River. Inside the castle, you'll discover the site's remarkable history; from ancient courtyards to battlements and an old Moorish wall, Sao Jorge Castle holds significant historical and archaeological value. Given below are a few interesting facts about the attraction.

10 Interesting Sao Jorge Castle Facts

Sao Jorge Castle

1. It sits on top of Lisbon's highest hill

São Jorge Castle sits atop Lisbon's highest hill, offering excellent views of the city's skyline. It has a rich history, with fortifications dating back to Roman, Carthaginian, and Moorish civilizations.

Sao Jorge Castle - St George

2. Named after a Saint Patron of England

Named after Saint George, the patron saint of England, the castle holds legendary tales of his valor, including the famous dragon-slaying story.

Sao Jorge Castle - Castle View from Far

3. One of Lisbon's precious archaeological sites

As one of Lisbon's archaeological gems, the castle showcases layers of history from the 7th century BC to medieval times, reflecting the city's evolution.

Sao Jorge Castle - Alfonso III

4. The former residence of Lisbon's royalty

Once a royal residence, São Jorge Castle hosted Portugal's monarchs, including Alfonso III, King Denis I, and King Manuel I.

Sao Jorge Castle - Castle walls

5. Struck by two earthquakes

Struck by two earthquakes, the castle endured destruction in 1531 and 1755, leading to extensive renovations over the centuries.

Sao Jorge Castle - Areial View

6. It was renovated in the 20th century

Extensive renovations in the 20th century restored São Jorge Castle, including the construction of a monument honoring King Alfonso, the Conqueror.

Sao Jorge Castle - Martim Moniz Square

7. Martim Moniz died at the Gates of Martim Moniz

The Gates of Martim Moniz honor the Portuguese knight who sacrificed himself during the siege of 1147, allowing his comrades to breach the castle walls.

Sao Jorge Castle - Weapon

8. Houses age-old objects

The castle houses ancient artifacts, providing insights into Roman and Moorish lifestyles through a permanent exhibition.

Sao Jorge Castle - Entrance

9. Free entrance for locals

Lisbon residents enjoy free entry to Sao Jorge Castle, while Portuguese citizens have free access on Sundays and holidays. Children under 12 enter for free, and discounts are available for seniors and individuals with special needs.

Sao Jorge Castle - Events

10. It is possible to organize an event in Sao Jorge Castle

Sao Jorge Castle is available for events, including family celebrations, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, and film shoots, offering guided tours for guests.

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Frequently asked questions about Sao Jorge Castle facts

What is Sao Jorge Castle?

Sao Jorge Castle is an iconic attraction in Lisbon. It is among the oldest castles and archaeological sites in Portugal.

What is the most interesting fact about Sao Jorge Castle?

Two earthquakes struck Sao Jorge Castle on separate occasions. It is one of the most interesting facts about the castle.

Where is Sao Jorge Castle?

Sao Jorge Castle is located at the summit of São Jorge hill, Lisbon's highest.

Who built Sao Jorge Castle?

The Muslims built Sao Jorge Castle in the mid-11th century.

How old is the Sao Jorge Castle?

Sao Jorge Castle is over 1000 years old.

Is it true that two earthquakes destroyed Sao Jorge Castle?

Yes. Two earthquakes destroyed Sao Jorge Castle. The first came in 1531, while the second hit the castle in 1755.

Can you really get 360º views of Portugal from Sao Jorge Castle?

Yes. You can get 360º views of Portugal inside the Black Chamber. The optical system of lenses and mirrors inside the room offers real-time views of the city. You can see monuments, rivers, and popular areas of Lisbon from miles away.